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Tube Magnets for Pipeline / Pipeline Magnets


Tube Magnets for Pipelines / Pipeline Magnets

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Tube Magnets For Pipelines / Pipeline magnets

 (For Free Flowing Granular Material)
"MSPL" Tube Magnets have been specially developed for thorough removal of ferrous metals from materials in granular and powder form during transport through pipeline systems. These magnet systems are built into a housing, which is fitted with flanges so that, after mounting, they form a single unit with the pipeline system. Guide strips are fitted on the inside of the housing to ensure that the material to be purified is well distributed, and comes into good contact with the magnet core. The standard type has a M.S.Steel housing, although an alternative version with a stainless steel (S.S.-304/S.S.-316,S.S.-316-L) housing can be supplied to special order. Along with the standard Flanges dimensions, Tube Magnets can also be supplied with flanges to customers requirement.
Tube MagnetsFor Pipelines
Pipeline Magnets / Tube Magnets For Pipelines

Tube Magnets (for Pipelines) Features

  Powerful Permanent / Rare Earth (NdFeB) Magnets.
  Door Mounted Magnet. 
  Simplified Cleaning.
  All Welded Construction. 
  Fit 2" to 20" Diameter.

Permanent Magnetic Type - Ferrite / Strontium Magnetic

Permanent Tube Magnets are used where manual removal of ferrous metals is possible. The housing of these tube magnets provides to the magnet core for cleaning by means of a hermetically sealing door. In the smaller types, the magnet core is fitted to the door, making it easily accessible for cleaning. In the largest types, the magnet is mounted on a sliding carrier so that it can be partially withdrawn from the housing.

Rare Earth / NdFeB Type

Rare Earth Tube Magnets are made from NdFeB Magnets, a high quality RE Permanent Magnetic Power source which develop magnetic fields up to 25 times stronger than conventional Ferrite / Strontium / Alnico units with no increase in size. The additional strengths improves the removal of weakly magnetic or very fine iron contaminants from a wide variety of powders, dry bulk materials as well as from slurries. This extreme high intensity Tube Magnets has applications wherever a high degree of product purity is required. Rare Earth Tube Magnets are effective in removing very fine ferrous particles locked particles and even strongly paramagnetic particles. Magnetic lines of flux are concentrated in each internal pole, creating an extremely high-gradient magnetic field.
      Manufacturers of Pipeline Magnets / Tube Magnets for Pipelines in India.
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