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Rota Grid


Rota Grid

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Rota Grid Products Details

The MSPL high intensity magnetic Rota-Grid separator has been developed specifically to process difficult products that have a bridging, and or caking characteristic.
The unit comprises of a centrally mounted magnetic rota, which incorporates numerous ‘Easy Clean’ magnetic rods arrayed around its periphery. The number of rods utilised depends on the inlet and outlet size.
The magnetic rota assembly rotates, gently agitating the product being processed. It is this agitation that prevents blockages occurring.
All powders and granular type materials that are either dry or semi-dry can be processed through the unit such as starch etc. The Rota-Grid can be supplied to the most stringent of standards, such as required in the Pharmaceutical industry as shown below, fig A.
A lockable tamper proof cover plate is provided to ensure only Authorised personnel have access to the unit.
Rota Grid   Rota Grid Manufacturer
Rota Grid


As the Rota-Grid benefits from the MSPL ‘Easy Clean’ facility cleaning can be completed in a matter of minutes.
Once the unit requires cleaning simply remove the rota door, pull the rota out from the housing. Once the unit has reached this stage the magnetic cores can be removed from the tube assembly. It is at this stage that all attracted contamination will Be released allowing for inspection or further analysis.


Dry and semi-dry powders and granulates, starch, protein etc.


    Easy to clean
    Allows difficult products to be screened
    Reduces ‘spark’ risk
    Removes sub micron sized contaminants
    Meet audit requirements
    Rare Earth 10,000 Gauss
      Wide range of Rota Grid Magnets and Magnetic Products for all Magnetic Rota Grid Requirements
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