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Choosing a Magnet

Things to consider while Choosing a Magnet

Maximum Lump Size (Consistency of Material)

Is the material that you are processing consistent or variable in size?

Burden Depth (Depth of Material)

What is the depth of the product flow as it travels through a chute or conveying process? This information is critical for manufacturing a magnet that will effectively reach through the product flow and capture metal.

Volumetric Flow Rate

What is the volumetric rate of your product flow as it travels through your processing system? This information will aid in correctly sizing a magnet that will offer your product maximum magnetic exposure.

Angle of Repose

What is the minimum angle that you can have to maintain product flow?

Bridging Tendencies

What is the moisture content of your product? Does it have a tendency to cake, clump, or stick together? This characteristic often causes the product to have difficulty flowing through a standard grate magnet. Alternate tube spacing or magnet manufacture may be required.

Tramp Metal Capture

Is your main concern equipment protection; capturing large ferrous metal items like nuts, bolts, screws, paperclips, etc? Or do you need to purify your product from all fine particles of ferrous metal? Your objective will influence the type of magnetic material that is used.

Space Constraints (The shape and manufacture of the magnet)

What are the space constraints you need to work within in order to accommodate the magnetic equipment? Depending on your available space, you may require a magnet custom manufactured for your application.

Effect of Weight of Magnet

What effect will the weight of the magnet have on your existing processing system? Is there a weight limitation or will additional framework be needed to support the magnet?

Cleaning / Accessibility to Magnet

How is the tramp metal to be removed? In the case of manual clean, will your employees have easy access to the magnet, and will it be easy enough for them to clean regularly? Keep in mind that rare-earth magnets are very difficult to clean manually.
      Selecting the Right Magnet / Choosing the Right Magnet
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